Sak Yan



The Trip

It can happen in life that you feel the need to get out of your comfort zone, decide to leave everything behind you to embrace the unknown.
This is exactly what happened to us when on February 2017 we started our trip to South East Asia with a one way ticket. All the travel pictures and good stories do not tell you about the fear and sacrifices that go with this kind of life change decision. But when the wind of change starts blowing strong and the sail are set you must go with it.

We believe that in order to understand the real nature of a place it is necessary to tiptoe in it, embracing its culture and tradition, getting in touch with natives through their food and rituals. It is from this perception of travelling that the project Viaggiando con un Lussi comes to life. The main purpose of this project is, in fact, to make travelling a unique experience by sharing cultures and traditions of populations, giving you the opportunity to get to know all the details that usually tourists miss out while travelling.


Bhalacandra & Mara

Bhalacandra. After a long period of study and practice linked to Buddhism I have received the initiation from the venerable Masters of Thai Reusi tradition and I have been in touch with the practice of magical tattoos, known as Sak Yan. The Reusi retain the traditional sciences that have been passed down for centuries. The name Reusi is often pronounced ‘Lussi’ by Thai people and for this reason we decided to borrow this term and use it in our project.

Mara. I decided to leave my day to day office job to dedicate all my skills, effort and time to this project on which Bhalacandra and I have been working on for long time. I am a very curious and empathic person with a natural predisposition to communication. My role in ‘Viaggiando con Lussi’ is mainly to organise and plan our initiatives and activities.