Bangkok: Urban Survival Handbook

Bangkok is one of the biggest and more chaotic cities in the entire world.
Since we have been spending lots of time in this city, we would like to make you aware of few details you could use to experience an easier trip when you travel to Bangkok.
Whether you are going for either a long or short trip to this city, you will find here some good advises for your daily urban survival.

Money Exchange

First thing you need to do when you arrive to Thailand is finding a good place to get Baths, the local currency. We do usually advise to exchange a little bit of money in your country of origin as you will need few Baths to leave the airport and reach your accomodation. 

The best exchange agency, with the best rate, is Super Rich.
Even though exchanging money at the airport is not very convinient, we have found out that Super Rich has now a store at the Airport and offers very convenient rates, same as the one they offer at the store located in the city.

Internet Connection

Whatever is the scope of your travelling, an accessible internet connection is always a good thing! Usefull for checking maps, rate exchange or translating some sentences. We advise not to get an international tariff plan from an Italian provider as all very expencive; it works out much cheaper to get a Thai simcard.

There are different tariff plans, it depends on how many GIGA you want and what provider you choose.

For example DTAC charges as follows:

1 week – 1.2 Giga 213 Baht

30 days – 2.5 Giga 320 Baht

30 days – 4.5 Giga 427 Baht

30 days – 9 Giga 748 Baht

30 days – 12 Giga 855 Baht

30 days – 20 Giga 1176 Bath

At the airport you can buy a Thai simcard with a basic plan, enough for tourists. You will be able to check your credit whenever you like and top up at the convenience shops called 7Eleven, opened 24/7. These shops are very good if you are looking for food and drinks, but be aware that the shop assistants do not speak a very good english, sometimes someting so easy as topping up a phone could become a challange.


Bangkok, with its 50 districts, is a very dynamic and multi-faceted city in constant evolution.

Phra Arthit area is a perfect and confortable place where to spend few nights (to start with) above all for those who want to taste the local food and feel the authentic culture. Phra Arthit, very near to the well known Khao San Road, named after the pier on the river Chao Praya, is located near the Santi Chia Prakan park where families and jugglers spend their afternoons, away from the hot city. Here everything is at your fingertips: guesthouse and hotels for all kinds of budgets, restaurants, streetfood of all sorts, city transports.

If you want to know more, check out our videclips which show you some parts of Phra Arthit.


Bangkok has nowadays became a very modern city which offers a good transport networking. There are few options for you to move around the city:

Taxi – They are the cheapest solution for long distancies. Always remember to make sure that the meter is on before getting in the car to avoid unfair charges. Infact the average of taxi drivers will try to not to use it to make more money out of the fare.

Uber/Grab – Thai Goverment is trying to reduce the private taxi companies, as it is happening around all of South East Asia. However, they are still around and sometime they are the best option in order to avoid the very expencive fare of taxi drivers around the city at peak hours.

Tuk Tuk – You can find them above all around the city center, around Khao San Road area and they offer quicker but more expencive fares than taxes. We advise you to always try to bargain with the drivers to get a better price. The bad thing about tuktuk is that you will feel sick because of the smell of pollution on the busy roads. Also, be carefull to the drivers who offer you a very cheap fares, usually they want to take you to spend in shops they get commission from.

BST and MRT – BST are sky trains and MRT are subway trains and run regurarly from 6 a.m. till midnight. Their lines cover the entire city but they are a bit more expencive than the other ways of transportation.

Boats – If you are near Chao Praya river, they are a good option to avoid the city traffic. The company that runs them is called Chao Praya Express Boat and offers 4 lines which cover 21km from Nonthaburi till Ratburana. They are quite cheap, from 10 up to a max of 40 Baht.

Bus – A cheap way to move around the city. There are many rutes and for this reason could be very confusing to choose the correct rute.  The website could be very helpfull in checking bus rutes and stops. You can also check with the owner of your hotel or gueasthouse to get more detailed infos.

Nowadays Bangkok is a very accessible city, but few tips before travelling are always good to avoid issues and save a bit of money.
Always try to bargain in little shops, you will definitely get a better price; a good tactic is to pretend to leave if the shop assissant does not want to accept a lower price.
Also pretending that you are dying or do not feel very well is a good technique to get away with things…… is not true…we are just teasing you;)

On our You Tube channel you can find several videos of Bangkok. Have a quick look to check out places and get a taste of Thailand. Also please sign up to our mailinglist to keep updated on our next moves.

Have a good trip and.. Chock Dee!


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